Covid 19

We appreciate during the Covid 19 pandemic circumstances are completely different to normal.
Thats-Handi can offer a full deep clean service ready for the return of your customers.


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Re-Opening after the Coronavirus

Despite all the problems and hardships, we have all had to bear, whilst coping with Covid19. At some point, in the future hopefully not too long in the future, we are looking forward to a time when Covid19 is banished, and we can all get on with restarting our businesses. You will be looking forward to and planning the re-opening of your Hotels and Guest Houses.
With that in mind let me introduce you to the website. Use this website if you require any assistance in preparing to open your premises to the public, please look through the various services we can offer you by clicking on the buttons below. Alternatively, use our  form below to request a quote for our ‘Hotel Full-Service Deep Clean’

Hotel Room Sanitisation

Thats-Handi offer a complete room sanitisation service from £129 a room.

The sanitisation service consists of all horizontal surfaces, touch points,
handles, televison, remote controls, chairs, taps and WC and then completed
with disinfectant fogging. This ensures all walls, ceilings, and floor are

The service takes approximately 30 minutes per room required.

This service also includes PPE waste disposal and all chemicals.

We will also provide a certificate for insurance purposes if required.

Our response time to booking a Covid 19 deep clean is 24hrs nationwide.

All Covid deep clean equipment and products including carrying out the
service are supplied by Rentokil.


Hotel Full Service Deep Clean

Note: All Covid deep clean equiptment and products including carrying out the service are supplied by Rentokil.