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Thats-Handi offer a wide range of services to the Hotel and B & B industry.
A hassle-free way of maintaining the high standards your customers expect.


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We provide nationwide multi-services to the Hotel and Bed & Breakfast industry

Our business, Thats Handi.UK provide a complete range of services to the hotel industry. Theses include Cleaning, Washing & Ironing, Gardening and other various services as required. We are also fast becoming a trusted link to local tradesmen.

Once we get the call, our database of fully vetted local workers and trusted tradespeople, swings into action to meet your requirements and they are all available by just getting in contact with us.

Our Services


What's Included

  • Local Cleaning Staff
  • Local Tradespeople
  • Special requirements where needed

How it Works

  • You contact Thats Handi
  • We confirm all your requirements
  • We supply all your Staff and materials

What You Can Expect From Us

Trusted & Experienced

All the staff and tradespeople we use are experienced and have been fully vetted and The staff at Thats Handi have all worked in tandem with the industry.

Reliable & Fully Insured

We ensure the staff and tradesmen we supply have proven track records are reliable and fully insured to give you piece of mind.

No Contracts

With Thats Handi UK there are no contracts locking you in for specific terms, once you have signed up to receive our service, we only bill you for the services supplied.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are confident that the staff we supply will meet your high expectations and the work they carry out will be to the highest standards.

Happy Customers

“I have used ThatsHandi on a number of occasions and for a number of their services, mostly for the Turn-key house-keeping service. Why has no one thought of this before. I have never had more time spare time on my hands to concentrate on other areas of my business. After booking, the THATSHANDI team turn up at my hotel, I prepare the keys to the rooms that require service and forget about it, when completed the rooms are locked and keys handed back. At first, I would check the rooms to see what kind of cleaning and preparation the rooms have been prepared to, after a couple of times I didn’t need to do this any longer the rooms were perfect.



“Fantastic service, not only is the turn-key housekeeping service great for saving me time and money the one thing I have noticed is the provision of bed linen, towels, toiletries is of such a high standard that my regular guests comment more and more on how my rooms are of a much higher standard and much more luxurious”


Summary of Services

Room Cleaning



Laundry Services

Window Cleaning


Move In & Out Cleaning



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